We're Jenny & Ellis!  Los Angeles locals who both share a deep love for iced coffee. We've been friends since middle school, somewhere around the AIM & roll-on-glitter phase to give you some reference. We've always been those friends with a camera attached to our hands and finally made the leap into making our dreams a reality. We have always loved capturing the special moments and find so much joy capturing your life's most precious seasons.  





  • I'm a wifey & proud boy-mom
  • I'm always up for a late-night ice cream run. Moosetracks, all the way!
  • I lived in Peru for 3 months after HS
  • On my 18th birthday I got a mood ring stuck on my finger and had to go to ER to get it removed.



  • I married my high school sweetheart
  • Iced coffee is my go-to coffee order.
  • I love dogs. I spend most of my free time watching puppy videos. 
  • I have a (somewhat controlled) obsession with hot cheetos. I know.. shame on me… but they're so good!